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European Kitchens offer you its best kitchen manufacturer Binova and the Regula model of kitchen created by Paolo Nava and Fabio Casiraghi. Regula has already made a breakthrough in kitchen design and nearly everyone identifies it as a new fashion in Europe Kitchens.

European kitchens - Regula Kitchen by Binova

Our designers place people and their needs in the center of our environment. Many-sided system of Regula model leaves conservative views behind and introduces a new and modern one. It can be modified in height, length and other dimensions.
By ordering Regula item you will get a dream model that will meet and adapt to all your needs. No matter what nationality you are, what food culture you prefer, in this program you will find functionality that you are looking for.
Regula model focuses on detached, free and autonomous complexity. It is individual, functional and flexible product. For example, you can freely vary the height of the surfaces, whether it is the hob or the sink. The kitchen elements can have tops and sides of different colors – like those that are popular on the market nowadays. The tops are available in various materials – laminates, steel and marble, but also in kiwi and lilac colored corian. The sides can be made of steel, aluminium, or lacquers and laminates of different colors.
Binova is a unique kitchen manufacturer as it leaves behind the simple concepts of kitchen design. The operational islands are connected up by connecting surfaces made of high resistance laminate and innovative material Texluce. A combination of these materials make your worktop beautiful and useful for most of the cooking process.
Tops can be modified and positioned at various heights depending on what you want to do. Regula model is an open system and you can add anything to it. Each part can be joined up with new cabinets, tops, different elements and more, so your kitchen will become a real functional laboratory.
One more feature of Regula is that it can be put beside the wall or at the center of the room, as all its components are artistic. You can move around it without any obstacles and enjoy its view from different angles.
Binova produced a model that speaks all languages and becomes a member of your family.
Visit our furniture collection, look through the items of kitchens from Europe and learn more!

It is the innovation of 2000, REGULA by Paolo Nava and Fabio Casiraghi for BINOVA, now in a definitive version. Someone has defined it as the pluralist and destructured kitchen or the spokesperson for a new tendency in action that places people, with their specific practical requirements, at the centre of the domestic environment. A versatile system, free from pre-established schemes, REGULA leaves behind the classical concept of horizontality, continuity and staticity to arrive at a “relational” and “cosmopolitan” interpretation of the kitchen.
The birthplace is the whole world, its language is universal, its nature polymorphous and flexible, mutable in height and in the other dimensions, according to ever new and personalized articulations. REGULA expresses people’s need to adapt their domestic environment to meet ever more specific and individual demands. Whether Japanese, English or Scandinavian, of whatever stature and food culture, in this program the individual finds the mirror of their expectations of functionality.
The soul of REGULA is the union and the connection of separated, independent and autonomous multiplicity. The project rotates around three fundamental concepts that are related to each other as thesis/antithesis/synthesis: Individualism and destructuring - from a structural, functional and aesthetic standpoint and in the finality of the project towards the final consumer, thanks to extreme flexibility in the personalization of the product. Autonomous and independent are the "tower" elements, each with its own specific function. One example of this is the possibility of autonomously varying the height of the surfaces: the hob can be 86 cm in height and sink at a height of 101 cm. Different materials contribute to performing diametrically opposed functions.
Other tower elements house the appliances (such as the oven and dishwasher) or are for use as containers. Individualism, also in the aesthetic personalization of the "towers" themselves. The compositions can have coloured tops and sides, a countertendency with respect to existing kitchens on the market. The tops are available not only in the laminates, steel and marble, but also in kiwi and lilac coloured CORIAN.
The sides can be made of steel or aluminium, or else the lacquers and laminates available in the chromatic variations coffees, kiwi, orange, lilac. Conjunction and relations - In the conviction that only the continuity of surfaces can ensure a perfect functionality in the kitchen environment, with REGULA BINOVA leaves behind the simple free standing concept. The operational islands are connected up by connecting surfaces, made of HWRS, a high resistance laminate, but also of TEXLUCE, an innovative material composed of parallel strips of Maple and Synthetic Transparent Material, a clever combination of materials once thought incompatible, which allow you to have a practical and elegant worktop for the most common cooking operations. The tops connect the islands resting on Aluminium Supports that are hooked up to Channels, made of the same material, which delimit the sides.
In this way the tops can be positioned at different heights to meet different requirements each time, thanks also to the fact that the covering panels are perfectly finished on both surfaces. Interaction and sociability - Thanks to the possibility of joining up the different towers, REGULA becomes a real open "society", free, mutable and multiform, as are the demands that evolve and diversify according to the social and cultural context. The system could develop without limits, thanks to the concept of conjunction and interaction. Each side can potentially be joined up with new tops, with different elements for functions not envisaged before. An example of this is the container block that can be developed to an infinite degree.
REGULA is also conceived to live beside the wall or at the centre of the room, thanks to the fact that the backs and sides are primary aesthetic and structural components: anyone can live moving around them, perceiving them from different perspectives and enjoying them from all angles. REGULA incorporates geographical and cultural particularities to speak a global language.


Since 1958 Binova has been making kitchens, exploring the potential of wood, keenly aware of the breakthroughs and opportunities afforded by progress, but also reverently respectful of timeless values like tradition and experience. Precise, punctual and quick when it comes to kitchen production, company guarantees comprehensive quality: a guiding principle and commitment that accompanies every kitchen from design innovation to daily use.
With a dynamic management which has not forgotten family traditions, this company in Umbria has 40000 m2 of indoor factory space with specialized personnel, modern machinery, computerization and quick services.

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